Getting started in the OLC

Welcome! Let's begin your learning journey. This page gives you an overview of how to get started and some basic information of what to expect when navigating through your courses.

On this page:

OLC overview video

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The Support menu at the top of each page has a couple of other links to other information you might find useful...

    • Questions and Answers: simple answers to questions we often get asked
    • Learning tips: some general helpful information on how to get the most from your learning sessions
    • All students have access to a telephone help line (08) 92 70 66 27 and a toll free number 1800 783 768
    • Self-paced courses a peer-to-peer chat forum and a self-paced assessment
    • Tutor led have a Tutor to guide your learning.A café collaborate sessions once a week,peer chat options, and inclusive folders to meet your own personal and service educational requirements. Assessments are short,student tailored and authentic and mapped to the Diploma of care and Education.


Getting around

Our Online Learning Centre is set up so that you can jump straight in and get learning.

    • There is a 'landing page' for each course, which lists all the topics .    
    • Course module pages walk you through the concepts for that page's topic - building your understanding and using dynamic multimedia activities to assist your learning.   More info below...
    • The Available Courses and Workshops page lets you see what other courses may be of interest to you, and helps you get registered for the ones you want to do.

Each course has its own 'home page', which gives you all the information you need to complete the course successfully!
These landing pages can be opened from the Courses menu

      1. The menu bar lets you go to all of the pages of the Online Learning Centre.
      2. Course title: so you know that you're actually doing the right course.
      3. Course introduction: a brief overview of the course, and tells you what the main outcomes are.
      4. Course modules: this is the table of contents for the course - you can click on a module (or a listed topic in a module) to jump straight to it.
      5. Reflection and Inspiration tab which has a cafe -self paced is a peer-to-peer forum only.
      6. The Conclusion of course link opens a page about how the course concludes, and what reward you get when you successfully finish.
      7. Extras block: This panel is where you look for links and resources that extend course information; or for other information about the page you're on.
      8. Course timeline: Course modules and main events are listed here - each listed item is a link that takes you straight to that module or event.

The courses are set up as a sequence of modules. We build your learning, topic by topic, through to the Course Conclusion - by which stage you should have completed all your tasks, interactions and assessments.

      1. Module title: these are numbered, so you know where you're up to.
      2. Module outcomes: these define what your acquired knowledge and understands will be at the end of each module.
      3. Concepts are set out in numbered strips that usually include text and something to look at or do.
      4. There are lots of links to other information and activities in each module to keep things interesting.
      5. Supporting Documents Block : This panel is where you look for links and resources that extend course information 

Learning Elements

To make sure your learning is as easy and dynamic as possible, we have a number of different ways you can interact with our course materials.
Online learning provides you with tools to assist in accessing and understanding the topics in your courses.

Text content

Most of the information you will need to learn will be minimized in the  form of words. 
We try to make our text content brief and interesting. If you don't understand a concept, make sure to ask your tutor to help you.


We have a number of video segments throughout each of our courses. They work the same way as YouTube or Vimeo movies - use the controls to play, pause, and adjust the volume. You can go back and replay them anytime you want. Some of the videos are demonstrations for activities or tasks.

Explanation of Video



During your courses you will be required to demonstrate your learning - we want to know that you understand the topics, and that you can use the information effectively. 

    • All of the assessments relate directly to the topics in the current module and reflect the outcomes.
    • Self paced have a self assessment.
    • Tutor led courses will have a Tutor led chat room and Authentic assessment-learning by design.

Cafe forum

Remember - always be courteous and professional as you express yourself - and enjoy the input from the other members of your group! 

Self paced are peer to peer forums.These are  conversations  with peers.You can participate any time during that period - and you can come back into the forum and participate in the discussion as often as you like during that time. You can share your thoughts from the Reflections and Inspirations module in the cafe' forum also. 

 Tutor led courses will the same as Self paced but also a Tutor  real time chat is provided on a weekly basis.The tutor will develop and clarify your understandings. Additional information related to your personal education and service is also provided on request.

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