the CLIQ Crew

CLIQ stands for Child: Learning, Interaction and Quality

These characters are here to help you out with your online learning. They pop up to give you instructions, hints - or just to be sympathetic.

The first two characters are Cogs and Gears.

These are the 'grown ups' of the Crew, and their job is to provide further information on the course you're doing - they get your 'wheels in motion'!

The information these characters provide will allow you to expand and generalise your knowledge and skills related to the course - so that you can be better than 'just OK'...

A quick intro to the CLIQ characters (the kids of the Crew) that you will see throughout the courses...
knows the way and will point you in the right direction
helps you think inside - and outside - the box
assists you in carrying the big items
a bit of a distraction - but good for your wellbeing
bounces ideas around, and gets things rolling
a great source for references and related information
helps you pick up and store the stuff you need
provides clarity and looks beyond to the big picture

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