11 November 2015

Research indicates that the quality of education and care programs is influenced mostly by the leadership that the service director can provide to staff within the centre. In this webinar we will help you to build your capacity in identifying key business concerns and develop sustainable operational strategies that will enable you to focus on what matters most in your service.


23 September 2015

Self-regulation in early development is influenced by a child’s relationships with the important adults in their life. Providing the experiences, support, and encouragement that help very young children learn to self-regulate is a critical element in quality care. In this webinar we will guide you with practical strategies that will help children to self-regulate.

26 August 2015

How do you get from an externally reviewed standards process to a meaningful and useful internal review? How do you zero in on: - an area you want to grow - a problem you have seen emerging, or - just sort out how to apply a new idea? How do you do this using the resources, knowledge and staff you have now? Internal audits help you with that ‘zeroing in’ and it doesn’t take anything but the knowledge of how to do it.

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